AdWords With Attention to Detail
Having done dozens of these videos in the past and hundreds of hours with one on one AdWords Training the one thing I've discovered is that no two AdWords accounts are the same.

Where this AdWords Training will benefit you the most is if your AdWords account:

  • Spends $10 a day on clicks or more, critical for accounts spending above $50 a day
  • You feel your cost per click is too high and not getting the results you expected.
  • There is not getting enough clicks/traffic to create new business.
  • You have healthy competition, Just because you may be a small business, it doesn't mean you can't compete with the big companies
  • Still new and your ads are dropping from the front page
  • is just too confusing
Today Google AdWords has become very complicated and is the reason this industry has mushroomed in the past 10 years. Your objective with AdWords should be to spend as much money each day as you can.
As long as for every dollar you spend you make $2 or more back, you should have an unlimited budget. Previously, a client started out at $40 a day and inside 3 months they are up to $300+ per day. A year later it is over $1000 a day because we can target just the right visitors and at the same time make sure that irrelevant clicks are being avoided.

The number one objective is to optimise your daily budget.

For Example:
If you spend $30 a day at $1 per click you will have 30 clicks. If we could get the Cost per click (CPC) down to $0.50 it means you are now getting 60 clicks per day for the same budget.
Step two is to improve the conversion rate. If you are now getting 60 clicks for your $30 the key is to ensure the 60 clicks are all highly qualified. I'll be teaching you a couple of techniques to ensure that your budget is optimised.

What is Included in Your AdWords Training?

  • Up to 30 minutes of background work, keyword research, setting up account strategy etc.
  • Using Skype, Teamviewer and Screenflow, Up to 2 of hours of screen capture recording our conversation and the modification of your account.
  • A Downloadable Video of the Conversation that will be hosted online for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Your account optimised where it needs it the most. Maybe you have just opened the account and don't know where to start, need to create geographically targeted campaigns, optimising your bidding strategies, the possibilities are endless. Let me know your major challenges and they will be fixed immediately.
  • A 1 hour follow up via Teamviewer/Skype call to answer any questions and conduct further optimisation. Best to generate a week or 2 worth of stats 1st. We will record this conversation too.
Your investment in this program will be a couple of hours of your time to help me to help you with your AdWords account and Just $330
AdWords Training Video
AdWords Coaching Australia is a recognised AdWords Certified Partner having passed several exams and attained other account management requirements. Click the logo below to verify. All New AdWords Customers are eligible for a $100 Credit to their AdWords account. (Certain criteria must be met)
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