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Case Study 1 - IT Related Company

This Company started with me at the start of September 2006, The account was set up in a very basic way with just a couple of ads covering all their products and services. *The content network was enabled which can bring a lot of untargeted traffic plus cost a significant amount of money , In this case, well over $12,000 per month. Over the next 3 months the campaign was built out to over 300 adgroups which represented all the products and services provided. Summer saw seasonal dips in business while reducing the cost per click. **In March the tracking code was inserted in the site to track clicks to inquiries.

April to June was focused on bringing down the Cost per click further, almost reaching $2.00 per click. ***July we split the campaign down to cover the 5 Major Australian Cities plus a campaign for the rest of the country, Immediately we had the highest amount of clicks in one month and the cost down to $1.66. There are now more than 2000 adgroups in the account and it is almost at a set and forget stage. August saw the CPC rise a little through a concerted effort to maintain a top 1-3 position in all searches. The result being, we had the most conversions ever and this doesn't even account for the business created via the call center with potential customers calling the toll free number.

The overall result is this Advertiser has saved more than $50,000 (Conservative figure) in the past 12 months through allowing me to take over the account. Not to mention how much more business has been created through reaching much deeper into the marketplace with targeted ads.
Date Clicks Impressions CTR Avg. CPC Cost Conv. Rate Cost/Conv. Conv.
Jun-Aug 06* 7206 3,619,991* 0.19% $5.19 $37,417.76
Sep-Oct 06 6528 82,195 7.94% $4.00 $26,109.57
Dec-Feb 07 5629 71,566 7.86% $3.64 $20,515.76
Mar 07** 2918 34,863 8.36% $2.50 $7,305.26 2.60% $96.12**
Apr 07 2998 39,693 7.55% $2.24 $6,700.95 6.37% $35.08 191
May 07 3069 45,027 6.81% $2.12 $6,512.43 7.75% $27.36 238
June 07 2604 38,782 6.71% $2.06 $5,370.00 7.76% $26.59 202
July 07*** 3358 58,490 5.74% $1.66 $5,582.05 7.83% $21.22 263
Aug 07 3850 63,088 6.10% $1.92 $7,398.69 7.95% $24.18 306

Case Study 2 - Home Service Related Company

This company had not long started advertising with AdWords when we came together at the start of February 2008, Through Feb. the account was growing, Developing 5 campaigns with about 60 adgroups in each, 2 each for Brisbane and Sydney and a separate campaign targeting potential customers at a suburb level. It took most of Feb. to complete and the numbers reflect that. Mar-Apr, we aimed to maintain a ad position anywhere on the 1st page of results and we could now see some patterns appearing. With Some confidence in May we Increased bids to a Max. of $1.00 with the aim to get in the top 3 listings, Immediate success, We double the Clicks and got an extra67 inquiries online.

In June we wanted the top spot, so we increased the bids to $2.00, While we got extra clicks and and 38 extra leads over May, the extra cost wasn't acceptable so all bids were now dropped back to $1.00 through July and August. The aim now is to monitor and optimize the ad text and keywords to lower the cost per click while maintaining the same sort of clicks.

One Note here, with the Impressions, AdWords seems to be displaying ads now for closely related terms, previously this didn't happen and this is reflected in the increase in impressions in both these examples.

The overall result with this advertiser, is we have a highly targeted campaign using AdWords, only getting charged for interested potential customers compared to their other advertising methods that has a multiple 6 figure budget. All of that does not even come close to ROI per customer compared to Google.
Date Clicks Impressions CTR Avg. CPC Cost Conv. Rate Cost/Conv. Conv.
Jan-07 697 29,106 2.39% $0.68 $474.85
Feb-07 717 27,904 2.56% $0.39 $280.25 7.39% $5.29 53
Mar-07 1022 35,585 2.87% $0.43 $435.93 8.32% $5.13 85
Apr-07 1103 40,439 2.72% $0.49 $536.44 8.43% $5.77 93
May-07 2216 56,050 3.95% $0.71 $1,563.24 7.22% $9.77 160
Jun-07 2650 60,994 4.34% $1.12 $2,957.85 7.47% $14.94 198
Jul-07 2222 74,273 2.99% $0.77 $1,718.71 7.38% $10.48 164
Aug-07 2248 86,934 2.58% $0.76 $1,699.36 8.23% $9.19 185
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