AdWords With Attention to Detail
Whether you are new to AdWords, still learning or been advertising for a while, there is bound to be something that can improve your personal results, therefore saving you money in wasted clicks or opportunities to get more traffic that you were unaware of.

Hopefully, you already watched the above video, details on the website review are included.

Here are the main areas discussed in the video that is covered by an AdWords account review

  • Your Account structure, are your campaigns set up the right way
  • Are you utilizing all ad types and ad extensions to prompt searchers to click on your ads?
  • Some basic Understanding of Google’s Quality Score and how they rank your ads
  • Ways that you can improve and maintain your campaign into the future
  • Discovering if your business is suitable to advertise beyond just the Google Search Network, Mobile devices, Remarketing and the Display Network offer amazing opportunities for the right business
  • Get an honest upfront review of your website (I’m not scared to hurt your feelings)
  • Offer you immediate fixes to your website that can help increase your conversion rate
  • Hold your current AdWords management company to account. Let's check out what they are really doing.
If Your AdWords account is not quite right and would like unbiased 3rd party review of your website and Google AdWords account, Simply fill in your details on this page. I will be in touch with you soon to chat about your business and get the review underway.

I'll either give you a call on your phone or connect with you via skype, it certainly would be helpful if you were to download prior to us chatting, it does need to be the latest version.
If you are free then and there, we can jump straight in, otherwise, we set up a suitable appointment.

I never know where the reviews can take us, but I'm sure you will take out a few key points that you can implement right away. As I said above, I'm not afraid to hurt your feelings and will certainly advise you if your expectations are too high. Sorry, the days of really low-cost clicks clicks are long gone, some industries are fiercely competitive and no place for a new player who doesn't have all their ducks in a row so to speak.

Hope to chat to you soon.

Warmest Regards

Ian Redford
AdWords Coaching Australia is a recognised AdWords Certified Partner having passed several exams and attained other account management requirements. Click the logo below to verify. All New AdWords Customers are eligible for a $100 Credit to their AdWords account. (Certain criteria must be met)
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